Sunday Morning Thoughts

This blog series was one of my first – if you have been following me since the beginning you may remember it. Sunday Morning Thoughts was a way to ensure that I published at least one blog post a week, and I used it as both a creative outlet and a way to get ideas and thoughts off my chest. The theme of Sunday Morning Thoughts, at its simplest, is exactly what the title says: thoughts [I have on] Sunday morning. For me, Sunday mornings are almost always peacefully spent at home, and with Monday still feeling far in the future, it is one of my most reflective times of the week. Often I would just write what was on my mind for thirty minutes or so on Sunday morning, although other times I would put together a blog post that was more of a culmination of thoughts I had during the week, or some thoughts on a memory that had recently come to mind again.

I stopped writing my Sunday Morning Thoughts after December of 2015, which is when I started the transition of my blog to a book blog. I was not quite sure that this series really fit in, and I was feeling less motivated to share the random and/or heavy thoughts I was having at the time – my private journal provided more solace. Now that I’m feeling more comfortable with my blog content and more motivated to flex my creative muscles here once again (starting a new decade has been the best for me), I am reviving my Sunday Morning Thoughts.

I sort of already made this announcement over on Instagram (my January 12th post), but I wrote that I was going to keep my Sunday Morning Thoughts on IG only, and in the future couple it with a blog post like I used to do. However, I have changed my mind.

You can find all of my Sunday Morning Thoughts linked below – I may not write a post every Sunday, but I look forward to sharing the Sunday mornings on which I write with you.


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Sunday Morning Thoughts. 💫 This is the name of a weekly series I used to write back in the early days of my blog. Whatever happened to be on my mind as I sat down with my laptop and a fresh cup of coffee – I would write it down, either narratively or creatively. I indefinitely paused the series because of content restructuring, and because I was passing more Sundays in a foggy mental state rather than in a fresh, clear-headed, thoughtful state. But with the start of a new year, a new decade, and some deep self-reflection over the past few months, I think I want to start sharing my Sunday Morning Thoughts again. For now they will be posted here to Instagram, but in the future I plan to upload a snippet here, coupled with a full-length post on the blog. 💭 ☆ That's what is on my mind this morning. I'm also superficially mourning the death of my coffee maker, which turns on just fine, except it doesn't brew. After running some "tests" proposed by the internet, I have come to terms that the problem is likely electrical, so contacting Mr. Coffee to see if they can repair it is on my to-do list for this week (I would rather have it fixed than replaced, if possible). Meanwhile, I found a jug of iced coffee at the grocery store, and I have a kettle and plenty of tea if I get really desperate. 😉 Or maybe this is a sign from the Universe urging me to cut back on caffeine… ☆ If you made it all the way to this point, thank you for reading my Sunday Morning Thoughts. 💫 ☆ #currentlyreading The Fall of Gondolin

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