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The sun has set, I’m considering whether or not to cook dinner or just snack until bedtime, and most importantly, I’m feeling refreshed after what has been one of the lowest, most mediocre, and unproductive weeks of my life.

This Sunday morning – after my coffee, of course – I wasted no time in getting myself ready, packing some snacks and minor “essentials”, and getting into my car to head east for a day of sun, sea, and sand therapy. Even with a non-functioning radio, I was able to stay out of my head for the approximately three hours total I spent inside my car – something I haven’t managed to do in the past ten days.

A warm, sunny walk along the Rockland Breakwater, surrounded by mild high tide waves, numerous swimming, diving, and flying birds, and far less people than I expected, filled my mind with serenity.

Things were a lot more hectic at my favorite coastal location several miles south, but a walk on the sandy beach coupled with many reflective pauses rounded out the day.

I’ve always been better at sinking into a rut than climbing out of one, and I’m still fully in the middle of the just keep moving forward vs. take time to move through these feelings battle, but today I took many steps forward instead of laying in bed, so I’m currently feeling optimistic. Today, as with many of my days lately, I had to make the conscious decision to get out of bed and get moving; hopefully in the next few days, weeks, and months those actions will once again become as natural as breathing.


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