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Sometimes I like to think of nothing. Which perhaps is more work than it’s worth, but sometimes the thoughts in my mind are so overwhelmingly…well, overwhelming. So I try to create a blank space, a blank slate in my mind on which to create new thoughts – thoughts that are whimsical, illogical, imaginative, and romantic.

I guess I like to step out of reality, which can sometimes become so dampening on my spirits, and step into, well, unreality which heightens and inspires my spirits to once again be positive and, well, spirited.

And no, this can’t be done in my living room, or in my car. I have to be in a place of isolation, or at least in a place of few strangers. And these places almost always have to be natural. Like in the middle of the woods, on the ocean, in a park, or – this will perhaps surprise you – in the busy streets of New York City. This last one has only occurred a few times, but it needed to be included in this list.

These are the times when I find the most inspiration for writing and, well, for living. That is not meant to be somber – everyone has an inspiration (or inspirations) for living. And for those of us not yet at peace with their life, well, we long for a truly blank slate on which we can re-write and no longer imagine those whimsical, illogical, and romantic thoughts because, well, they will have become reality.


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