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The fresh blue sky is covered with wispy white clouds, creating a plush and somewhat oceanic covering that could later turn to an angry storm, or just continue being overcast. I can see just the tops of the trees that line the opposite side of the stream bank; a stream I can’t see now but know is there. The green, rounded tops – accented by ragged, leafless branches of one individual tree – appear dark against the light blue and white fluff of the sky . Why is it that these colors are so soothing, so incredibly calming?

A bird is chattering, unseen although very much heard. I know very little, a.k.a. next to nothing about birds and their calls. This one sounds like a squeaky chair; the squeaks are short and come one right after the other. No companion seems to answer, and now the calling has stopped. Unless the bird wasn’t calling in the first place – rather it was just singing, or enjoying the sound of its own voice. Humans are not so different  in this respect, you know. Ah, the bird call continues.

These sights and sounds are more precious in the morning hours; they have been nearly untouched and unaltered by the furthering of the day. Of course, I’m mainly talking about humankind here, but this also involves wildlife not yet out of their slumber. What may have been gaunt and indistinguishable in the nighttime hours is now fully presented to the eye and ear, and can be comprehended by the brain. What may not be fully noticed during the chaos of the day can be fully taken in over a cup of coffee and makes a wondrous distraction from a book or piece of writing. That glowing yellow orb is doing its best to appear through the milky sky, perhaps it feels that everything below needs to be a little more warm and bright today, but of course it may not feel that at all – can a massive star feel and act upon feelings? No, most likely not.

As the sun gets brighter and more distinguished among the opaque sky above, I get restless and feel a tugging at my body to get up and do something. The sun is funny that way. I’m perfectly content to be calm and still while the clouds cast a still and sometimes dreary sensation down onto the earth, but the sun’s energy inspires that within my body, and so I must find something to do. Even if it’s just looking back down at the pages of my book and pouring another cup of coffee; that bird has stopped calling, perhaps it’s preoccupied with the tasks of the day.

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