Reading Nook Inspiration: Library Hideaway

New year, same love for cozy reading nooks and dreamy home libraries. The room - well, rooms - I've chosen to feature in this edition of Reading Nook Inspiration balance light and dark features, include plush-looking furniture, and offer the perfect hideaway for enjoying the books on the shelves. Note on the Reading Nook Inspiration … Continue reading Reading Nook Inspiration: Library Hideaway

March Reading Preview | 2021

If you missed my Reading Goals blog post, I mentioned that I am once again abandoning "strict" monthly TBR posts—after once again learning they only make reading the selected books feel obligatory. Instead, I will be doing monthly Reading Previews, where I'll talk about what kinds of books I'm in the mood for, any blog … Continue reading March Reading Preview | 2021

February Wrap-Up 2021

February has been a whirlwind, and unfortunately, a bit detrimental to my reading. I did quite well with starting books, but only finished two over the course (at the beginning) of this month. BOOKS READ The Modified Blueprint by Kellyn Thompson (read my review) The Big Four by Agatha Christie (audiobook) On the bright side, I enjoyed both books, and … Continue reading February Wrap-Up 2021

My Shelves Need Some Rearranging

This title is both literal and figurative. My physical bookshelves are due for a dusting, which will likely lead me to reorganize them a bit. Additionally, while I have really enjoyed the spines-in look, especially since my entire apartment feels aesthetically hectic, I am currently longing to see their titles, authors, and spine colors. While … Continue reading My Shelves Need Some Rearranging

Yesterday’s Sunrise | Sunday Morning Thoughts

This morning's sky is covered in a blanket of what seems like one gray cloud. I was hoping to wake up to vibrant colors outside my window on this Valentine's Day, but instead I've resorted to looking at my photos of yesterday's sunrise. Which of course, I'll share with you here in case your morning … Continue reading Yesterday’s Sunrise | Sunday Morning Thoughts

Book Review: The Modified Blueprint

The Modified Blueprint (Unexpected Inlander #2) Kellyn Thompson The Modified Blueprint was published on February 7th, 2021 as the sequel to The Unexpected Inlander. I received a copy from the author, but as always, all thoughts are my own.  Content Warning: mild violence, mentions of blood, classism  Synopsis: Having achieved the highest status in the agency, … Continue reading Book Review: The Modified Blueprint