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Sunday Morning Thoughts: What’s in a Book Review Blog Post

In this edition of Sunday Morning Thoughts, I’m not just sharing my own—I’d like you to share yours.

As I’ve gotten fully comfortable with how I structure my book reviews here on the blog, I’m starting to consider ways to improve them or make sure they have all the information my readers look for; basically, I am content with how I structure book review posts and the details I put in the them, but I also want to make sure those of you who read my book reviews get all the information about a book you need in order to make the decision to read it (or not read it) yourself. This is something I’ve sort of considered for a while now, and after reading some discourse (via Twitter) in the past week about what book bloggers include in their own book review posts, I thought I would reach out to those of you who have read my book reviews—or maybe just this post—and hear your thoughts on what makes a good book review post. Plainly:

  • In addition to the book title, author, cover, synopsis, content warnings, and review, what do you hope to see in a book review post? Publisher information? Author information? Genre? Purchase links? Other? Are you indifferent?

Some of these things I myself don’t necessarily look for in a book review post, but I know of a lot of bloggers who include additional information beyond the bare-bone specs, and if my readers like additional information, I would be happy to include it. So comment below with your thoughts, perspective, and suggestions – I look forward to reading them and implementing helpful changes to my book review posts (and if you have a book blogger in mind whose book review format ticks all of your boxes, feel free to shout them out!).


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