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Bliss on a Coffee Mug | Sunday Morning Thoughts

BLISS is stamped on the side of my current coffee mug. The toffee almond caramel coffee inside is certainly giving this day a blissful start, in conjunction with the time I’ve set aside this morning to write [this post].

The spring weather made its way here over the past week; there should be a word to describe that specific feeling when that seasonal sadness or depression exacerbated by the long winter months melts away during a day or series of days of mild warmth and bright sunshine – in addition to BLISS. If you know of one, let me know.

Of course, here in the northeast US, winter does not necessarily end by the start of Daylight Saving Time or with the arrival of the vernal equinox. The threat of cold and snow lingers into April, but spotting small signs of new life, ice slowly (or not so slowly) receding on bodies of water, and being able to open windows all day long – banking those BLISSful elements allows for tolerance of the the tumultuous weather patterns in March and often April.

And there it is – the golden glow indication of the sun approaching the horizon line signals the end of my writing session. Time to get started on the less enchanting realities of the day; which is not to say there won’t be other BLISSful moments along the way…

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