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Have you read all of the books you own? Are your shelves brimming with your favorite authors?

Do you collect various editions of various novels that very well could have their own bookcases? Which books do you feel you need to reread, or feel you need to finally read? I’m assuming that because you have found yourself here on my blog, and on this particular page of my blog, that you have similar answers to the above questions that I do, and/or you are looking for what to read next, and/or you are nosy and want to know what books other people have on their bookshelf (and on the floors, on tables, and miscellaneous locations). Well, you have come to the right place, and if you enjoy seeing what is on my shelves, I hope you tell me a little about what is on yours, because I’m nosy too.

Below I’ve started a list of titles from my bookshelf. Each month I’ll choose about three books to feature and talk about whatever strikes me at the moment I choose them (my relationship with them, an author’s birthday, a bookish theme, etc.). I’ll always link up the posts on this page so they’re easy to find.

From My Bookshelf:









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