There’s Something About…

…a good book, writing, language, my place in the world, and so much more.

Thank you for dropping by and reading my blog. First and foremost, the three most important things you must known about me are my love for mornings, my need for coffee before I accomplish anything, and that I am more confident in my written thoughts than in my spoken ones. Second, my name is Kelsey. Third, besides being a reader and blogger, I am a professional copywriter and lover of the outdoors. I live in Vacationland; the Pine Tree State; the only continental US state that borders just one other; Maine. And fourth, I like making lists for the sake of making lists.

You can access all of my posts by clicking “Blog” in the drop down menu above, and feel free to join me in my annual Reading Challenge, tag me in a Book Tag, share my posts (and follow me) on Twitter and Instagram, and tell me what you’re reading (I’m on Goodreads, too).

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