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There’s Something About A Book Review.

As of Saturday, May 4th (2019) book review requests are CLOSED. If you email me with a request, it will be deleted.

If you are here to read my book reviews, click on the image below this paragraph (thank you!). If you are here to request a review for your book, keep scrolling for my policies and guidelines.


First, thank you for visiting my blog and submitting a book review request! I will give you a little information about my bookish likes, dislikes, and review technicalities before getting into request details.

  • I am a lover of fiction (novels and short stories). My favorite genres include literary fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and apocalyptic thrillers.
  • I primarily read adult fiction, but will happily read YA.
  • Unless there are excessive spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and glaring typos, I will review books I end up disliking. My reviews will always be honest and constructive whether I enjoyed the book or not.
    • Please do not ask me to write a review only if I have positive things to say. Blogging is not my full-time occupation, so if I take the time to read and accept your request, then read your book, I’m going to review it no matter what.
  • I do not use the star-rating system on my blog.
    • No, I will not make an exception for your book.
  • Do not ask me to write a Goodreads or Amazon-only review. If these are things you would like in addition, let me know (I usually ask, anyway).
    • Typically when I review a book on Goodreads I will add a snippet of the review I’ve published on my blog. Occasionally I will assign a star rating only in cases of severe dislike or excessive love, but this is done inconsistently at my discretion.

Now for the request details!

To request a book review, fill out my contact form with the following information:

  • The title of the book and the genre
  • A brief summary and the number of pages
  • What form your book takes (physical copy, audiobook, e-book) and how I will be receiving it

Of course, I’d also like to know your name, would appreciate a friendly greeting, and if you have a website, include the URL and save me a Google search! 🙂 

I think I’ve covered all my bases, but add any questions or concerns to your request if you have them. I look forward to hearing from you!


The guidelines laid out here are applicable as of March 29th, 2019. If I make any changes I will share them to Twitter.