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There’s Something About A Book Review.

As of Saturday, May 4th (2019) book review requests are CLOSED.

If you are here to read my book reviews, click on the image below this paragraph (thank you!). If you are here to request a review for your book, keep scrolling for my policies and guidelines.


First, thank you for visiting my blog and submitting a book review request! I will give you a little information about my bookish likes, dislikes, and review technicalities before getting into request details.

  • I am a lover of fiction (novels and short stories). My favorite genres include literary fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and apocalyptic thrillers.
  • I primarily read adult fiction, but will happily read YA.
  • Unless there are excessive spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and glaring typos, I will review books I end up disliking. My reviews will always be honest and constructive whether I enjoyed the book or not.
    • Please do not ask me to write a review only if I have positive things to say. Blogging is not my full-time occupation, so if I take the time to read and accept your request, then read your book, I’m going to review it no matter what.
  • I do not use the star-rating system on my blog.
    • No, I will not make an exception for your book.
  • Do not ask me to write a Goodreads or Amazon-only review. If these are things you would like in addition, let me know (I usually ask, anyway).
    • Typically when I review a book on Goodreads I will add a snippet of the review I’ve published on my blog. Occasionally I will assign a star rating only in cases of severe dislike or excessive love, but this is done inconsistently at my discretion.

Now for the request details!

To request a book review, fill out my contact form with the following information:

  • The title of the book and the genre
  • A brief summary and the number of pages
  • What form your book takes (physical copy, audiobook, e-book) and how I will be receiving it

Of course, I’d also like to know your name, would appreciate a friendly greeting, and if you have a website, include the URL and save me a Google search! 🙂 

I think I’ve covered all my bases, but add any questions or concerns to your request if you have them. I look forward to hearing from you!


The guidelines laid out here are applicable as of March 29th, 2019. If I make any changes I will share them to Twitter.