On the Road

Note: My blog is still under construction, and as such most of my posts do not have imagery. I am working on restoring the images, but it will take some time. I’m writing this not to discourage you from reading my posts, but to let you know I am aware of the issues. Thank you for reading! (learn more here)

When I’m on the road, the best way for me to remember what I love about a new or frequently visited place is to take pictures and write about what I see. Whether I’m between shelves of books, at a counter ordering a coffee beverage I’ve never had before, eating food during any time of the day, or seeking out a new notebook or bookshelf accessories, I hope to bring the experience to you.


Barnes & Noble – Augusta, Maine

Maine State Library – Augusta, Maine

The Briar Patch – Bangor, Maine

The Mustard Seed Bookstore – Bath, Maine

The Little Dog Coffee Shop – Brunswick, Maine

Raymond H. Fogler LibraryThe University of Maine, Orono, Maine

Carlson Turner Books and Bookbindery – Portland, Maine

The Green Hand – Portland, Maine

Quill Books & BeverageWestbrook, Maine

New England

Portsmouth Book & Bar – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

[Outside] Brattle Bookshop – Boston, Massachusetts

United States

Another Read Through – Portland, Oregon

Powell’s City of Books – Portland, Oregon

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