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Lazy Sunday | Sunday Morning Thoughts

Coffee, Hulu, my favorite blanket, and my journals. Lazy doesn’t necessarily mean unproductive – don’t get me wrong, too much laziness can be unproductive. But on days like this, when the weather is dreary, rainy, and cold, I just want to binge watch a variety of shows, read new and old favorite novels, and write whatever is in my mind. Oh, and drink coffee of course.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I shared a pizza with my mom for lunch and sat out on the restaurant’s patio, soaking up the sun and laughing, talking about anything and everything. We went and enjoyed watching two of my cousins dance in their recital; and I felt nostalgia and longing for my recital days. I then joined another cousin (my age) for dinner and drinks, where we caught up and talked about our lives, and enjoyed each other’s company. She then guilted me into helping her move an A/C from her house to her car, but that’s okay, that’s what family is for. I then joined her in visiting yet another cousin, and enjoyed myself greatly. I drove home last night thinking to myself: “I am so lucky to have such beautiful people in my life.”

So today I am going to be lazy, reflective, and thoughtful, because yesterday reminded me of how fulfilling my life has been, and has given me the energy to do some things for myself.

“A little bit of love, from someone you trust // Can bring you back to life.”

I almost – almost – forgot BookCon is this weekend. Yes, I am still sad I am not there, but this weekend has been one of the best, so I can’t really complain. But yes, still sad; that is all.

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