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Misty Reflections | Sunday Morning Thoughts

Sharing a “right place at the right time” moment from earlier this morning – I hope it adds some serenity to your Sunday like it has to mine.

I initially just wanted to photograph the mist, but after snapping a couple of photos a small group of birds drifted into the pond and into frame. I couldn’t quite tell if they were ducks (most likely due to my knowledge of this pond, the number of birds, and time of year), loons (very unlikely due to the number of birds, the time of year, and no parent in sight), or the doves that I know hang out/live on the other side of the road (unlikely due to the number of birds and the shape of the heads/necks). After getting a few more photos with this little family, I left them and the pond to bask in the mist, undisturbed.

Have a lovely Sunday, friends.

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