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Reading Nook Inspiration: Pink Chair in an Alcove

I am suffering from severe writer’s block today. I started writing a Summer Reading Challenge update, and even after a great 4-mile walk can’t find the words for a great post on Disgrace. I’m going to put it aside for a few hours, coming back only when my mind is clear and maybe after I’ve eaten dinner.

As a copywriter, writer’s block hits me daily – even if it’s just for fifteen minutes at a time. I will admit, sometimes the writer’s block goes on for a day (downside to working set hours during the week), but luckily my position has many facets and when I’m not writing for the catalog, blog, and social media, I am doing research for home décor keywords and inspiration. I frequently use Houzz for decorating and interior design ideas, and always come across beautiful reading nooks and lavishly styled libraries that I dream of having one day in a building I own (I say building because it will be filled with only reading nooks and library spaces, and maybe a kitchen). To help me with today’s bout of writer’s block, I looked around at some of the reading nooks I have saved, and have decided to share one here. Hey, maybe I’ll do this more often, since we all look for inspiration when rearranging our books and comfortable spaces, right?

Fresh Modern Colonial


Just look at this dreamy space. Let’s identify my favorite parts:

  • The chair. Obviously. Besides the plush upholstery, the pink color is charming but not annoying, and the size is perfect. The matching pillow adds more comfort; I can just imagine myself sprawled out on it reading (no ottoman needed).
  • Built-in bookshelves. I love the permanence of tall, built-in bookshelves, and as this space is an alcove, the sunken look is much more cozy. And it looks like there would be enough room for my favorite book series and editions so that makes these shelves 100% perfect!
  • Natural lighting. The cute antique-looking wall lamp would be perfect for winter nights or rainy days, but nothing beats reading outside or by a large window – let the light in!
  • Personal accents. I love this pedestal table, and although it has less surface area than I usually like, its pedestal shape is too attractive to pass up. And the READ wall art is a great touch – for obvious reasons.

Will I ever find a reading nook or library I don’t love? Probably not, so I’ll keep perusing and sharing my favorite spaces. Now that I’ve gotten some creative sparks buzzing around my mind, I’m off to write! Share your reading nook inspiration and writer’s block “cures” below – happy creating!

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