Reading Nook Inspiration: Mountain Cabin Hammock

When I publish a Reading Nook Inspiration blog post, you can bet I’ve hit a writer’s block or need a break from a post I’ve been working on for a bit too long – in this case, the latter is true. Needing  to escape that post (and even my apartment) for a little while, I once again turned to Houzz (not sponsored or supported) and browsed some beautiful reading nooks – this reading space looks different than the others I’ve featured, but it’s the kind of space I’m craving at the moment.

Reading in the great outdoors is something I’ve fortunately been doing quite a bit this summer, so I was particularly drawn to this space, even though it’s not a typical reading “nook.” This is what I love about it (in addition to the hammock, of course):

  • Wide open space beyond the roof/ceiling. I love a good enclosed porch, but thinking about myself laying on the hammock in the open air just feels a little more soothing at the moment. And since it looks like the roof/ceiling extends over the hammock, it’s likely there would be plenty of shade on sunny days, and it may even be possible to bundle up and lay out there with a good book during a rainstorm.
  • The view. Whether a range of mountains lines the horizon, a body of water sits down the hill, or the hammock overlooks a sea of trees, having such a view of nature is perfect for reflecting on certain book paragraphs, quotes, or characters.
  • A perfectly positioned light. Seriously, that outdoor light situated right above the hammock on the post means I could read all afternoon and into the evening, go inside to grab some wine and flip on the light to continue reading.

What do you think of this space as a reading “nook”? Is there something it’s missing in order to be a more dreamy space for you? Share your thoughts below.

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  • Donna Macomber

    When I was a girl, my dad always had a hammock hanging between two of the apple trees that stood in our camp yard before the first addition to our camp went up, the kitchen. I wonder did you ever read or do you still have the book I gave you for graduation that was one of my dad’s books from his boyhood? It had his name in it and because of your love of books and of your Grampa I thought you might like it as a keepsake. Just wondering. I miss my dad and miss being around some of the things at home that are good memories of him and the good times he gave us growing up. Do you get much time up to your folks’ camp? I remember your dad showing me your bedroom up there and the reading bench built into your room.

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