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Reading Nook Inspiration: Stacked Books and Florals

I couldn’t finish 2022 without another Reading Nook Inspiration post. Compared to other reading nooks I’ve admired, this one is a bit more simple and a little less book-filled, but the refreshing, bright, and tidy elements are particularly attractive to me at this point in the year.

Note on the Reading Nook Inspiration Series: I created this series to indulge in my admiration of home design and architecture, using my bibliophile perspective. I hope you’ll indulge with me, but I understand if it’s not your thing. 

As seen across my other reading nook posts, my home style preferences are ranging. With the early sunset time, a sudden but severe distaste for my drab living room furniture, and my avoidance of the messy book piles scattered across my apartment,  I’m currently in the mood for…

  • Large windows and natural light. I like the privacy that the half wall design creates, while still letting plenty of light inside when the curtains are drawn. There is a floor lamp that would be perfect for reading, but its small footprint means it doesn’t take away from the sunshine coming through the windows.
  • A stable tower of booksI’ve seen this type of bookshelf before, and have always loved it. It takes the typical book hoarder collector’s too-high stack of books and adds stability. I think it’s brave to put a plant on top, but it does add some nice greenery to the room.
  • Floral upholstery and a wall-to-wall rug. The chair, pillow, and bright blanket are shouting “plush” at me, and I love that. I’m typically more of a dark floral fan, but the fabric on the chair cushions just enhance the brightness, and I love a wide back and wide seat chair; furniture that maximizes seating space always wins out in my book. I bet the rug is so soft, too—this space just looks comfortable. Perfect for a morning or afternoon of reading.

What do you think of this reading nook? Is there anything you would add, does it satisfy your reading nook/home library needs, or maybe it completely misses the mark? Share your thoughts below.

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