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Reading Nook Inspiration: An Eclectic Room With A View

My online collection/lookbook of reading nooks and home libraries has grown exponentially this year. It certainly has a lot to do with quarantine and being stuck with and getting sick of looking at the same dozen or so walls in my apartment. The reading nook I’ve chosen to feature in this edition of Reading Nook Inspiration has so many features I find charming, and is quite different from the study/book space in my apartment—which makes it even more dreamy.

As seen across my other inspiring reading nook posts, my home style preferences are ranging, and while I don’t consider this space to be wildly eclectic, it is the most eclectic space I’ve featured to date. Here are my favorite parts about this room.

  • The window and its curved seat. My eye immediately went to the window, and the curved, cushioned bench underneath it. I’m a sucker for a window seat, and this one might be the most enticing one I’ve seen. Plus, I know from the photo description that this room looks out at a lake, which puts the cherry on top of this home study/library sundae.
  • The furnitureI am in love with the pink upholstery (on the window cushion and sofa), and love the contrast of the modern sofa with the traditional footstool/ottoman and desk. It combines my love for color with the timelessness of wood furniture—their differences separate the sections of the room but are quite appealing to me when looking at the room as a whole.
  • The bookshelves and ceiling. As with window seats, I’m a sucker for vaulted ceilings, and while I’m typically a fan of floor to ceiling bookshelves, I like how the top shelf wraps around the room and leaves space below for art, posters, and the like. Both the ceiling and shelf designs allow the room to feel spacious but comforting at the same time.
  • An ‘eclectic’ color palette. The colors in this room are not wildly eclectic (for my taste), but I like that they are not ‘typical’. The bluish-green trim work and shelves really focus the eye to the window, but it’s definitely not hard to notice the hot pink sofa and its colorful pillows. As with many rooms and designs, the colors in the rug pull it all together; the similar wood tones of the ceiling and wood furniture gives the colors a more serene look. I just think this would be a fun, inspiring room to spend time in.

What do you think of this space as a reading space? Is there something it’s missing, does it satisfy your reading nook/home library needs, or maybe it completely misses the mark? Share your thoughts below.

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