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Reading Nook Inspiration: Black and Green

I’ve been working on a review for Weike Wang’s Chemistry (among one thousand other things), and while it’s not a long review (or book) I’m not totally happy with what I’ve written so far. Therefore, to take a break from that, and to put off unpacking from my weekend camping trip just a little longer, I’ve found another dreamy reading nook that I will surely include in my house dedicated to reading nooks.

My favorite parts of this little space are as follows:

  • The furniture. I’m thinking those chairs are velvet or a very soft fabric that I would sit in at least ten times a day (the ottoman + chair combo is just lovely). I like the simplicity of the little table closest to the camera, and that side table is just the perfect size to fit in between the chairs and hold stacks of books (and flowers).
  • Plenty of lighting. I like that the window is set within the bookshelves, but of course that means more lamps are needed. The arm lamp attached to the wall and extending over the chair is a perfect substitute for a floor or table lamp. The lighting on the ceiling also looks quite functional and surely keeps all of those wonderful books in the spotlight 24/7.
  • Black bookshelves. I’m not a big fan of the all-white ceiling + wall look, so the fact that these shelves are differentiated from the rest of the space by a dark color is pleasing to my eye. Since black is such a classic color (and one that I wear often), it is quite timeless – and just look at how the colors of each book and furniture piece really pop against the black!

What colors and furniture are in your dream reading nook? Share or link up in the comments below – happy reading!

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