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Reading Nook Inspiration: Moody Alcove

Just like in 2016 when I wrote the first Reading Nook Inspiration post, writer’s block has currently made itself quite comfortable in my brain. And since I’m also feeling the mild effects of an end-of-the-month reading slump, I’m turning to books and a reading nook that are not mine to satisfy my need for creative inspiration and serenity.

What drew me to this particular reading nook? A few things.
  • The rich finish of the wood. From the crown moulding and bookshelves to the window seat and down to the floor, that dimensional finish on the wood is so inviting.
  • The seating. It’s my opinion that at least 90% of all windows should have bench seats – why should they be without? I like the inclusion of the pillows and cushion, although I might have chosen a different fabric if this was in my home. And that little black tufted chair, with what I think are wheels on the feet. I like a reading nook with seating options, and these are beautiful.
  • Bookshelves and drawers. Floor to ceiling bookshelves are always beautiful, and I like that these have drawers at the bottom for whatever miscellany needs storing. In my case that would include notebooks, writing utensils, bookmarks, and probably more books.
  • Moody aesthetic. As the title of this blog post alludes to, the moodiness of this alcove – brought together by the above features – is what makes it so perfect. First, the rounded entrance is flanked by a wall that has a much brighter color on it; it makes the reading nook even more striking. The dazzling pendant light or chandelier is the most glamorous thing about this space, and yet it doesn’t feel out of place. If anything it adds a brightness to the moody aesthetic to emanate an inviting, cozy look rather than a bleak one.

Do you like this space as much as I do? What are your dream reading nook requirements? Share your thoughts below.

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