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Reading Nook Inspiration: Library Hideaway

New year, same love for cozy reading nooks and dreamy home libraries. The room – well, rooms – I’ve chosen to feature in this edition of Reading Nook Inspiration balance light and dark features, include plush-looking furniture, and offer the perfect hideaway for enjoying the books on the shelves.

Note on the Reading Nook Inspiration Series: I created this series to indulge in my admiration of home design and architecture, using my bibliophile perspective. I hope you’ll indulge with me, but I understand if it’s not your thing. 

As seen across my other reading nook posts, my home style preferences are ranging. With negative wind chills and potential snow on its way this week and next, I’m currently in the mood for…

  • Circling dark wood bookshelves. If you have seen photos of my own bookshelves, you know that I prefer darker tones over lighter finishes. Plus, the way the bookshelves surround the entry room (above photo) and round off at the ceiling enhances their appeal – there’s an atrium-like feel to the space, which I love.
  • A central table – with enough room for a vase of flowers – that brings the materials of the room togetherThe color of the wood floor is not particularly a finish I like, but the fact that the table features both the stain of the floor and that of the bookshelves is so satisfying. And while I’m also not a big fan of the tiled insets in the floor (in general, not just these particular ones), I do think they do an adequate job of breaking up all the wood. If I had been in charge of designing these rooms, I would have just opted for rugs.
  • A “separate” room for lounging and reading. I like that there is a “second room” (my guess is that this is one room divided by the shelves) even further inside the library; it looks just as beautiful and even more relaxing. That gorgeous window likely lets in just the right amount of light, making the hideaway look bright but still feel cozy. I just adore this layout.

What do you think of this library + reading nook combination? Is there anything you would add, does it satisfy your reading nook/home library needs, or maybe it completely misses the mark? Share your thoughts below.

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