Five Podcasts for March

Greetings! Since I really did/do enjoy listening to the podcasts I chose for February, I have five more suggestions for you (and for myself) to discover for the month of March. And, if you didn’t join in the podcast party during February, you now have a chance to either A) Join or B) refuse to join because I called it a podcast party.

If you are a religious podcast listener and think people should know about the podcast(s) you listen to, drop your suggestion(s) in a comment below and share the podcast knowledge! Here are my selections for March:

Longform Podcast

This podcast is “a weekly conversation with a non-fiction writer on how they tell stories.” itself is all about introducing, discussing, and sharing work of non-fiction writers around the web. What’s always interesting about interviews with non-fiction writers is that many of them are writers second, or third, or fourth – and other things first, second or third. Regardless of [not always] being writers primarily, incredible insight and knowledge about writing can be gained, and even if you aren’t looking for writing advice, the conversations are worth your time.

New Episode: Every Wednesday
Listen: On iTunes or at

The Truth Podcast

Radiotopia from PRX, the Knight Foundation, and MailChimp

Like movies but wish they were shorter? This podcast is for you! Self-described as “movies for your ears,” these original stories are less than thirty minutes long, and cover a variety of genres so you can find something to your liking.

New Episode: Once a month

99% Invisible
Roman Mars and KALW Radio

Did you know the casing at the end of your shoelace actually has its own name? If you didn’t, it’s called an aglet, if you did, well, think of something common in your life and analyze a part of it you have never truly analyzed before. Like the mathematical determination behind the length of the basketball shot clock. Or where your mail really ends up when it gets lost. 99% Invisible covers these and so many more topics that you never knew you cared about.

New Episode: Every Tuesday
Listen: On iTunes or

The New Yorker Radio Hour
WNYC Studios and The New Yorker

Presented by the magazine’s editor, David Remnick, this is a series covering a variety of topics and styles of discussion, almost always in the same episode. In addition to the full hour, you can choose to listen to segments, but only if you don’t have a lot of time, says me. I recommend starting with Episode 15: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Marc Maron, and the broads of ‘Broad City’.

New Episode: Every Friday
Listen: WNYC

Another Round

This podcast is a little less formal and less stuffy than other podcasts (can a podcast really be stuffy, I’m now asking myself), and since it’s a BuzzFeed production, you can probably guess that this podcast covers a plethora of topics, both serious and less serious. Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton are the hosts, and they are fun, fresh voices that grace my ear buds with every episode. And will grace yours, too.

New Episode: Weekly
Listen: On iTunes, Soundcloud, and on BuzzFeed


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