Almost Over | Sunday Morning Thoughts

This Sunday morning is almost over. I have showered, poured my second cup of coffee, and watched the water in the small river behind my apartment rush by at a speed indicative of all the rain that fell yesterday. I plan to spend the afternoon reading, taking photos for the blog, filling out my planner … Continue reading Almost Over | Sunday Morning Thoughts

January Reading Preview | 2021

It's my first Reading Preview of the year. If you missed my Reading Goals blog post, I mentioned that I am once again abandoning "strict" monthly TBR posts—after once again learning they only make reading the selected books feel obligatory. Instead, I will be doing monthly Reading Previews, where I'll talk about what kinds of … Continue reading January Reading Preview | 2021

Reading | 2020 Review and 2021 Goals

This has been one of my best reading years, between my desire for escapism and the pandemic-induced 'downtime'. Thanks to many bloggers, blog tours, and other creators in the bookish sphere, I've found new favorite authors, kept up with 'old' favorites, and got more excited for new releases than I have ever been (I'm primarily … Continue reading Reading | 2020 Review and 2021 Goals