Fall TBR 2020 Wrap-Up

The first day of Winter arrives tomorrow, which means Fall has come to an end. Back in September I listed ten books I wanted to read before my favorite season drew to a close; keep reading to see which ones I got to, and with which ones I’ll be finishing out the year (and starting the new year). 



Reading 50% of a TBR is definitely a record for me, and I’m happy to say that I have started reading all five of the books in the UNFINISHED category—no, I am not someone who will finish a book just to finish it if I’m in the mood for a different story. 😛 I fell back in love with series I had started or completed prior to this TBR (and year), and dipped into a new series (Chronicles of the Bitch Queen). Fortunately I’m still completely in the mood for all of those left unfinished, and will hopefully get to the end of at least one or two in the next week and a half. The others will be carrying over into 2021!

How has your reading been lately? Are you still hoping to read certain books in the last days of this year, or do you have your sights fully set on the new year? If you have any recommendations or want to talk about any of the books I listed above just leave a comment. Happy Winter!

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