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RC 2016 – Halfway Through January

Good morning! We are now about halfway through January and although I haven’t finished either of my Reading Challenge titles yet, I am happy to report that I am at least halfway through them. How are you doing in your own challenge or challenges?

Much to my dismay, Modern Romance has been like a mediocre date you are drawn to, but once you are on that date you remember why it’s mediocre: regardless of the shiny restaurant and familiar person, the pieces are just not fitting quite right and the things that should impress you come up short.

On another note, I feel like The Goldfinch is surgically attached to my hands and other parts of my life are falling down the List of Importance because I cannot put it down. I am suffering from withdrawals now as I write this. It is beyond alluring, and in true Pulitzer Prize winning form, the language, details, plot, themes are just perfect and exciting and pull at every inch of my soul.

In other instances I would say my Reading Challenge this month is about 60% enjoyable (50 for The Goldfinch and 10 for Modern Romance) but The Goldfinch is so beautiful that it bumps that percentage to at least 75. If you haven’t started reading it already start now!

That is all for my Reading Challenge halfway-point update, but there is one more thing I would like to mention here, and that is Emma Watson’s reading challenge. I have been gushing with admiration and excitement since she made the announcement, and am happy to add just one more book to my monthly list, and I hope you will take the challenge too. Emma has created a Goodreads group, titled Our Shared Shelf, and if you click on that link you will be directed there to check it out. And, if you haven’t been keeping up with her work since Harry Potter, you can learn more on her Facebook and Twitter pages, or by doing a Google search I suppose. I apply all of Leslie Knope’s terms of endearment towards Ann to Emma Watson, and end this post with one of my favorites. Happy reading and exploring!



  • Carrie Rubin

    I recently finished “The Goldfinch” for a book club. My experience wasn’t quite as loving as yours. 😉 But I did actually like it. It just took me a long time to get through. So much to absorb!

    • Kelsey

      I wish your experience had been as loving, although I do agree it’s a lot to absorb, I have had to go back and reread certain parts after feeling like I missed something. Hopefully my joyous experience will last to the end! 🙂

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