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Hi everyone,

So I’ve committed to changing my blog from a “” domain to its own domain, and the process has already presented itself as simple (thankfully), and has, I feel, exposed me as a novice in the website-domain-owning world (I admit hesitantly). I thought I would have to export all of my content and then import it to the new domain, but the beautiful, magical wizards of WordPress have already redirected everything, or at least are in the process of redirecting everything – is this because I registered the domain while upgrading my blog? – so by now you can see my new URL (eek!).

For the next week/week and a half I will be working on a redesign and developing a feature (or features) that I’ve been longing to incorporate into my blog for at least a couple of months now. To do this discreetly, I was hoping to just build my new website while my current “” site stayed visible, so now I’m sort of scrambling to organize myself and my blog in a way that is minimally disruptive to readers and my followers – for now this post will do, but if I end up deciding to disable the URL (can I even do this?) I will announce it on Twitter and Instagram.

Regardless of this little setback in my expectations, I’m excited to finally have my own domain and a handle that I like and don’t despise/have been waiting to rid myself of for over six months (yes, it is almost the same now but it’s different). Cheers to this new adventure, and I welcome all comments/suggestions/criticisms! See you on Twitter, Instagram, and at my new launch!


– KM


    • Kelsey

      Thank you, and it is exciting! Although some of my excitement is fueled by a little nervousness towards wanting to make everything look wonderful, I can hardly wait for the “fresh” start! Thanks for following 😊

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