From My Bookshelf: Garden, Pearl, Tales

For the past few months I have made it a habit to organize/tidy up my bookshelves at the very beginning of the month. It’s another great way to start the month off refreshed, and if you find organizing your shelves therapeutic like I do, it offers a few moments of calm before the onslaught of a new month of responsibilities.

This month was no different, and as I rearranged my bookshelves I once again encountered the black canvas storage basket in which I keep some of my more delicate vintage editions. The three I’ve chosen for this installment of From My Bookshelf all carry a different level of infamy, they address different topics, but what they do have in common is all of their covers are my favorite color: green. Oh, and I also haven’t read any of them.

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From My Bookshelf: English, Carnation, Ring

November is typically the month in which I start looking back on the books I read throughout the year, and those I didn’t get to. For the past couple of years this has also meant looking at the books on my own bookshelves that still sit unread – and this year is no exception. So this month’s From My Bookshelf post features three books that fit this criteria, and one more thing they have in common: they were all written by Lauren Willig.

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From My Bookshelf: Ending, Ravens, Dark

In honor of October and the spooky portion of fall, the three books I’ve pulled From My Bookshelf this month have dark and troubling themes, and take their readers on different degrees of horrifying journeys. The two novels are I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid and Ravens Gathering by Graeme Cumming, plus Dark Tales, a short story collection by Shirley Jackson.

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From My Bookshelf Series

From My Bookshelf: Heaven, Breathe, Hancock (Choose My TBR)

This month, I’ve pulled three books From My Bookshelf that have two major things in common:

  • They are Book of the Month editions
  • I have not read them

In addition to summarizing the books below and quickly talking about why I selected them via Book of the Month, I’m also asking for your help in deciding which one I should put on my August TBR.

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