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A [not so] Quick Word

Hello, reader. I debated posting a short message on Twitter and Instagram about the current state of my blog, but I’m pretty long-winded and since the message I want to get across is about my blog, why not post it on my blog as content? Yes, my ideas are revolutionary – so if you want more, like and subscribe!

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The Circle of Knowledge

2017 has been a long year. I’ve felt more like an adult this year than any other, and although I’m still working through many of the things that have changed – socially, physically, mentally – I’m lucky to have great love in my life even when the days feel dark.

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Shorter, Condensed, Succinct, Abridged

My trip to the library on Friday started with slight disappointment but ended with a flurry ofΒ thoughts about what we – as readers, scholars, editors, people of the present – do to and with literature of the past. First, the disappointment.

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