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Another Week, Another Early Morning | Sunday Morning Thoughts

This week is starting like all my weeks have started for the past few weeks: early and relatively calm. My coffee wasn’t ready when I woke up (the clock time was wrong and thus, the time I set for it to brew did not align with the actual time), but there was (and still is) plenty of time to press BREW, light some candles, and read some blog posts before having to get myself ready for the day.

This morning I’m feeling optimistic about the upcoming week. Sundays present an opportunity to slightly reset, regroup, and set myself up for a productive, restful, preparatory, or whatever other adjective is necessitated by the upcoming six days. Even though Sundays are now the beginning of my work week, I still feel this sense of serene opportunity (most of the time I feel serene about it); the trick is to try and carry this optimism and drive through to a new Sunday.

One of my primary goals for this week is to go for a walk or small hike after work before returning home. I also want to carve some time into said walk to read – I love reading outdoors and my reading this month has been [yet again] abysmal. The weather forecast is calling for rain during part of the day today, but otherwise this week looks beautiful; let’s hope I’m still feeling motivated enough after clocking out to enjoy my Sunday afternoon as much as I’m enjoying this morning.


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