My Shelves Need Some Rearranging

This title is both literal and figurative.

My physical bookshelves are due for a dusting, which will likely lead me to reorganize them a bit. Additionally, while I have really enjoyed the spines-in look, especially since my entire apartment feels aesthetically hectic, I am currently longing to see their titles, authors, and spine colors. While it will take some significant time to turn each book around, I’m looking forward to the change it will bring.

Speaking of change…

I started working again back in January. It’s my first job since I was laid off a year ago this past week. I’m not going to comment on how it’s going, other than to say that I am still actively looking for jobs (like I have been for the past year). What I will say is that even this good change (hello, paycheck) has not given me the sense of purpose or drive I thought it would. My days have more structure now, but at the same time they feel more chaotic. And that leads me to the point of this post.

Until February 28th, I will not be posting to the blog. I went back and forth about whether or not to make an “announcement”, but writing this has given me a respite that I needed so here we are. I could go on and on about how unbalanced I feel and why – because if you know me from my blog you know I can be quite long-winded – but I feel like my complaints thus far have painted enough of a pictorial explanation. I will still be sharing things on Twitter and posting to Instagram, so I’m not fully removing myself from my online space, but the blog takes up the most time and headspace so that is what needs to be put on the back burner or in the warming drawer for now.

If you’ve read up to this point, thank you. I want to ensure those of you who care that I am giving myself grace and leniency when necessary, and if you are in a similar position, I hope you are taking time to breathe amidst the chaos. I’ll be back on the 28th to let you know how I’m doing, if I ended up rearranging my bookshelves, and if I managed to read anything between now and then. I’m hoping I’ll return feeling more focused and organized, so I can feel driven to devote more time to this hobby I love.

Take care, and happy reading!


  • Kristina

    I understand xx
    Take care of yourself and may you come back to us in full power!

    While Iknow i’ve been struggling a bit more with my content ideas… i’m dead scared of taking a break, mainly because my anxiety yells at me that all the money I’ve thrown/is throwing to my self-hosted will be for nothing (so scared I would just… fully let go and not come back also)

    The spines in are so pretty!! Looks like old books.. but I don’t think I could manage keeping them for long ahah 😅 Can’t wait to see how you rearranged them if you end up doing so!

    • Kelsey @ There's Something About KM

      I understand that feeling. In the past I’ve taken posting/content breaks to work on back end stuff – testing links, playing around with design – which can help alleviate that anxiety and possibly spark some inspiration. 😀

      As for the spines in…I am so surprised I’ve kept my books like this for as long as I have. But it’s definitely not a Look™ or arrangement for everyone. 😆


  • readingbythemoonlight

    I’ve also recently changed my bookshelves to the “spines-in” look and I love it! It looks so vintage.
    I really hope you enjoy taking time away from your blog to rest and recover 🙂 Be kind to yourself x

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