The Circle of Knowledge

2017 has been a long year. I’ve felt more like an adult this year than any other, and although I’m still working through many of the things that have changed – socially, physically, mentally – I’m lucky to have great love in my life even when the days feel dark.

The Circle of Knowledge A Classified, Simplified, Visualized Book of Answers

This tome was published in 1916, and it came into my possession by way of family. It belonged to my great grandmother, and while I haven’t gone through all the sections, the one pictured is of great interest to me, for reasons I hope are obvious. I had initially planned to share this solely on Instagram, but my caption turned much too lengthy so I’m bringing my thoughts here, instead.

At first, I was sharing this book as a reminder to continue learning and growing in 2018. Now, I’m sharing this as a positive reminder that you should strive for more in the new year. Whether it’s more knowledge in your field or a field you’re interested in; more ways to show the world and the people in your life compassion and understanding; or more mechanisms for relaxing and/or coping with difficult situations that life may throw at you. Striving for more doesn’t have to be gluttonous. It doesn’t have to come out of unhappiness. It can certainly come from a book, a long walk, or a thoughtful conversation. For 2018, I’m challenging myself to strive for more, to seek out more, to achieve more. I hope to head towards the direction of answers and conclusions, and not even the [large] chance of not finding either will slow me down.

Share what “more” you’ll be striving for in 2018 in the comments below, and have a happy and prosperous New Year!


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