February Reading Preview | 2021

If you missed my Reading Goals blog post, I mentioned that I am once again abandoning “strict” monthly TBR posts—after once again learning they only make reading the selected books feel obligatory. Instead, I will be doing monthly Reading Previews, where I’ll talk about what kinds of books I’m in the mood for, any blog tours or scheduled reviews I have coming up, mention any new books I’m anticipating, and whatever else comes to mind.

So with that introduction out of the way, here is my Feburary Reading Preview.

Books On My Radar

From My Shelves

I’m keeping this list the same from last month, which is slightly disappointing only because I would have liked to have finished at least one by now. However, I’m choosing to look at the positive side to this situation: I have each one to look forward to this month! (why do I do this to myself? ha)

Agatha Christie audiobooks will yet again a staple of my monthly reading. I’m currently in the middle of The Big Four, and haven’t yet decided which mystery I’ll listen to afterwards. Additionally, I am looking forward to listening to at least one Jacqueline Woodson audiobook (I have FeathersLocomotion, and Another Brooklyn saved on Scribd) as well as Rachel Ricketts’ Do Better: Spiritual Activism for Fighting and Healing from White Supremacy. I’m making a conscious effort to read more non-fiction this year, and that one comes highly recommended.

I’m also planning to finish Tar Baby by Toni Morrison, and of course, anything else on my shelves could come into play throughout the month.

Reviews And Blog Tours

I’ll be finishing up The Modified Blueprint by Kellyn Thompson in the next couple of days, and will be posting my review for that and for the Fake by Roz Kay Blog Tour at the beginning of next week.

Anticipated February Releases

Six books from my 21 Anticipated Fiction Releases of 2021 list will be released this month:

Reading CHallenges

Last month I announced my decision to join The Classics Club. I haven’t yet made any progress, and I may not make any this month. But if you are curious to see which books I’ve selected for the challenge, here is my complete list.

And that does it for my February Reading Preview. If you are interested in seeing which books I do pick up throughout the month, keep an eye out for my WWW Wednesday posts, follow me on Instagram, or find me on Twitter. I would also love to know which books, reading challenges, or other bookish topics you are excited about this month. Feel free to share in the comments.

Happy reading!


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