2019 Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge

<< The 2019 Challenge has ended. You can read my Wrap-Up here. >>

The Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge is back! And as you can tell by the existence of this post, I’m joining in once again.

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Monthly Wrap-Up | April 2019

Well this month sure was turbulent. I started April by ringing in a celebration of my blogiversary, looked back on some of my first Instagram posts, and kicked off the first giveaway here on There’s Something About KM. Then it all came crashing down.

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Monthly Wrap-Up | March 2019

March moved as slowly as February moved quickly – which is not a complaint. I discovered (and read) some great books, went on some fun day trips, and happily welcomed spring.

Next month is going to be a busy one here on There’s Something About KM, because it is my blogiversary. I have a giveaway planned and some throwback posts drafted, and of course, there are a few books I’d like to finish reading, too. But before all of that, here’s what went on during the month of March.

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Monthly Wrap-Up | February 2019

February, I am sorry to see most of you go, but March, I’m really excited to see you. I’m looking forward to spring, more sunshine, and hopefully a better reading and blogging record. 

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Monthly Wrap-Up | January 2019

We’ve reached the end of January – how are you doing, friends? I hope the year kicked off without a hitch for you, but if the opposite is true, I hope you’re ready to take on February with optimism and fresh plans.

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2018 Wrap-Up | December

With NaNoWriMo reaching its end and three unimpressive books to finish out November, I was in sort of a reading slump when December began. Thankfully, with the time off here at the end of this final month of 2018, I was able to get back on a more satisfactory reading track, and finish out the year on an uphill slope (not June and August levels, but a feel-good level nonetheless). Let’s get into the specifics. 

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