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March TBR | 2020 Reading Challenge

I’m writing this TBR post more for the sake of consistency than to share a fresh stack of books I plan on tackling in the new month. It’s sort of odd to call a month “new” when we are nine days into it, but if that’s not an indicator of how scatterbrained I currently am then I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I’m still “reading” the books I planned to in January and February. I put reading in quotations because per a sudden and unexpected life change, I am in quite a reading slump and have only picked up short story collections and poetry (short form literature is just easier for me to read in times like these). I feel myself slowly rolling out of this slump, but I’m hoping to kick that roll into high gear with some “obligatory” reading. I know not everyone believes you should force yourself to read or feel like reading is an obligation, but I need to fill my time with something that is/feels more productive than Sims 4 and writing sad ramblings in my journal. I’m finally at a point where I miss reading, so devoting my time to reading books with deadlines will ensure I’m carving out time to read every day.

There are three books with close deadlines that I will be focusing on this week and this month:

  • The Mountains Sing by Que Mai Phan Nguyen
    • Out on March 17th
    • As part of the Blog Tour for this book, I was sent the eARC by the publisher.
  • The Sisters Grimm by Menna van Praag
    • Out on March 31st
    • NetGalley approval.
  • The Age of Witches by Louisa Morgan
    • Out on April 7th
    • NetGalley approval.

And like I said above, I will also be trying to get through the books I started in January and February, which you can read more about in those month’s TBR posts. Feel free to share the books you are reading or have already finished reading in March, and I’d love to know if you are excited for the above three books too. Happy reading, friends!

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