From My Bookshelf: Garden, Pearl, Tales

For the past few months I have made it a habit to organize/tidy up my bookshelves at the very beginning of the month. It’s another great way to start the month off refreshed, and if you find organizing your shelves therapeutic like I do, it offers a few moments of calm before the onslaught of a new month of responsibilities.

This month was no different, and as I rearranged my bookshelves I once again encountered the black canvas storage basket in which I keep some of my more delicate vintage editions. The three I’ve chosen for this installment of From My Bookshelf all carry a different level of infamy, they address different topics, but what they do have in common is all of their covers are my favorite color: green. Oh, and I also haven’t read any of them.

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From My Bookshelf | The Green Thumb Garden Handbook | Doc & Katy Abraham

From My Bookshelf: Green Thumb

This edition of From My Bookshelf is a unique one, in that I am featuring just one book, and it is not a typical read-cover-to-cover book like the others I’ve written about. I picked it up on a whim at my favorite bookstore, and figured I would share it via FMB before spring ends: The Green Thumb Garden Handbook by Doc and Katy Abraham.

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Maine State Library | Museum | Archives | Visit Maine

On the Road: Maine State Library

There’s Something About The Maine State Library

For the first time, I visited the Maine State Library and – surprise! – it was fantastic.

My trip was prompted by the latest book chosen for the #AnHistorianReads book club. The library I frequent did not have a copy, and I could not request the book from the Maine State Library (to be delivered to a nearby library they are connected to) without a state library card. So I decided to spend a lovely Saturday morning making the trip up to Augusta (the capital of Maine) to get a card and the book.

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From My Bookshelf: Silent, Secret, Bloom

This From My Bookshelf post is inspired by the spring equinox; I’ve chosen the following books because of their subject matter, covers, titles, and/or a combination of all three. This post features one of the few nonfiction titles living on my shelves, as well as an old favorite, and a childhood book: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and Bloomability by Sharon Creech.

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