There’s Something About Year Six

There’s Something About KM debuted six years ago this month. It is almost unbelievable to think that I am closer to a decade milestone than the first year of my blog (in its current iteration), but here we are.

Last year’s blogiversary came at the start of well, you know. In that Year Five post I mentioned still feeling optimistic about my blog and general life – which of course ebbed and flowed in varying degrees throughout 2020. Outside of the blog I focused on baking, new hobbies (cross-stitching, consistent yoga practice), and worried about my financial, physical, and mental states. I’m thankful that my blog and bookstagram gave me the structure and feeling of purpose that they did; I’m also quite thankful for all of the other bloggers and readers who provided me with those things, too.

It’s both awkward and unsurprising to see that 2020 was my best year of blogging, in terms of views and consistent posting. I had more time than ever before, and writing blog posts presented me with the creative rest necessary to deal with thoughts of my future and global tragedy. After the personally low year of 2019, it felt great to love blogging again and being connected with book and blog readers – in the handful of years that I’ve been in this online space, I don’t think I’ve ever been so grateful to exist among such spectacular readers, writers, and perspectives than in the past year. If there’s anything I have learned over and over again in my blogging adventure, it’s that at the end of the day, the sense of connection is why I love this hobby so much.

This is certainly the shortest blogiversary post I’ve written in all six years of There’s Something About KM, but I think that’s appropriate in the aftermath of 2020. I’m cutting my typically long-winded self short, because I’ve really said all I wanted to say in the previous paragraph. I’m glad to have this platform, this outlet, and all of you reading this, who have propped me up when you very likely did not know I needed it, and have offered encouragement along the way when it was clear that I did. Thank you for reading my fairy tale discussions, my book reviews, my bookshelf features, and whatever else I’ve felt like writing here – it means the world.

To conclude: a toast. Cheers to April, good books, blogging milestones, healthy coping mechanisms, getting vaccinated, and all of you who make me feel like I’m talking to and with friends. If I haven’t said it enough already – thank you for being here and sharing your thoughts, offering recommendations, and spending time on There’s Something About KM.

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