June 2019 Bookstagram Wrap-Up | There's Something About KM

Monthly Wrap-Up | June 2019

Halfway through the year – who else is panicking about the books you haven’t read yet? 😬 Fortunately – and I hope this is true for you too – the books I have read so far have been wonderful, including the few I read in June.

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2019 Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge | Final Update

The 2019 Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge has come to an end (officially tomorrow, June 30th), so I’m here with my final reading update. I finished Rose in Bloom, and although I said in my Halfway Update that I was going to start Work, I instead proceeded to the Stories & Other Writings portion of The Library of America edition I checked out of the library. My thoughts are as follows.

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2019 Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge | Halfway Update

<< The 2019 Challenge has ended. You can read my Wrap-Up here. >>

Despite feeling like June just started, we are now closer to the end of it than the beginning. I’ve decided to use this [just over] halfway point to talk about my progress with the Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge. You can learn more about this Challenge in my introductory post and at In The Bookcase; otherwise, keep reading for my thoughts on Rose in Bloom so far.

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Reading Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales | Featured Image

Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales: The Hare and the Hedgehog

“The story, my dear young folks, seems to be false, but it really is true, for my grandfather, when relating it always used to say, ‘It must be true, my son, or else no one could tell it to you.’ The story is as follows.”

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Down the TBR Hole #2

Down the TBR Hole is a blogging meme created by Lost in a Story. I took part for the first time last month, and for this second round I’m raising the stakes. Continue reading

Library Books | June 2019

Library Books | June 2019

This post is dedicated to the books I’ve checked out from the library to read throughout the month of June. I’ve sort of developed the habit of checking out library books almost exclusively at the beginning of a new month, so I’m fully embracing that habit and featuring the most recent titles I’ve checked out.

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