From My Bookshelf Series

From My Bookshelf: Wonders, March, Book, Secret

I’ve talked about how many (most) of the books on my bookshelves are unread. Whether I’ve started them or have never opened them to the first page, there are many titles that call out to me to read them next, even as I bring a new book home from a bookstore or stack up my most recent library books. It can be overwhelming, sure, but…I don’t know where I was going with this, but what I do know is the four books featured in this edition of From My Bookshelf fall into that unread category.

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Reading Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales | Featured Image

Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales: Mr. Korbes

“A cock and a hen once wanted to go on a journey together. So the cock built a beautiful carriage with four red wheels, and he harnessed four little mice to it. And the cock and the hen got into it, and were driven off.”

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Book Review: After Alice

After Alice 
Gregory Maguire

After Alice was published in 2015. My review does contain spoilers for most of the book.  

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Down the TBR Hole #4

Down the TBR Hole is a blogging meme created by Lost in a Story. You can see my previous post here, and continue reading for my latest attempt at decreasing the number of books on my too-long TBR list. Continue reading

20 Books of Summer 2019 | Update #2

The 20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge is hosted by Cathy from 746 Books, and I have taken on the full challenge of reading 20 books from June 3rd to September 3rd. The following is an update on my progress two months in.

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Monthly Wrap-Up | July 2019

And the year just continues to fly by. I’d be lying if I said I’m 100% sad about August’s speedy arrival because I’m [f]all about what comes after it (September), but I won’t get into that now.

Instead I’m looking back on my reading, blogging, and miscellany during the month of July. I’ve been in a strange reading place this summer, as I feel like I’ve read so much more than I actually have. I’m chalking it up to reading [too] many books at once – a habit of mine that has really intensified over the past couple of months. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the books I read this month and am happy with what I managed to write here on the blog. So let’s get into it.

asterisks* denote books on my #20booksofsummer reading list

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