May Bookstagram Wrap-Up | There's Something About KM

Monthly Wrap-Up | May 2019

Cue the “how is it already June?!” reactions. I’m not looking forward to another month going by in a flash, but I am looking forward to a much better reading month than the mess that was May. But seriously, where did this month go?

May Bookstagram Wrap-Up | There's Something About KM

A lot of my blogging focus this month had to do with getting my blog back on track after last month’s nightmare. At least, I thought it did. Even with layout and image headaches, I managed to publish eight posts (not including this one). [I’m still quite thrilled that] I was part of the Hallow Blog Tour; I published a not-so-quick update on the state of my blog; I did the My Blog’s Name in Books Tag; posted my first edition of Down the TBR Hole; chatted about Quill Books & Beverage; channeled my green thumb for From My Bookshelf; announced my TBR for the Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge; and stacked the 20 books I’ll be reading this summer.

I really fell off the blog hopping train this month, so there’s definitely room for improvement on that front next month. If you have  a particular post you loved writing this month, feel free to link it in a comment – I’d love to check it out!

Now for the main event: the book I read this month. Yes, this was my worst reading month in some time. I really can’t believe it, but at least I enjoyed what I read!

Book I Read

1. The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin – I picked up the sequel to this excellent book at the library earlier today, and I plan on starting it this weekend; basically, I’m glad I started my N.K. Jemisin reading with this series. At times I had to reread explanations or events within the story because I got tripped up on some of the words and details of the world, but N.K. Jemisin’s writing made this all the more pleasant (rather than tedious). I like it when authors can effectively plunge their readers’ into a story, allowing the fantastical details to speak for themselves.

In Other News…

I’m once again going to work on my time management [non]habit in June. Sort of a positive affect of filling my summer schedule with fun outings and other events is that it’s more instinctual for me to plan ahead – not just in my social life but in my blogging and reading lives, too. Hoping for the best, here.

How did your month go? Did you get as much or more reading done than you expected? Or are you, like me, feeling the motivation of a new month to get back on track? Let me know below, and I’ll see you in June! ☺️📚




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