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*This post originally appeared on my previous blog on 11/30/2014

I have a Google Alert set up for Random House – meaning any news written about Random House or any releases from the publishing company are emailed to my inbox. A few days ago, I was alerted to a small story written for the Christian Science Monitor about a new campaign Random House is running from November 29th – December 24th. It’s called #GiveaBook, and every time that hashtag is used online, Random House will donate a book to First Book – an organization dedicated to promoting literacy.

Why do I mention this campaign in my blog? Because I think it is AWESOME to promote book-giving, and since many of you are already on Facebook and Twitter, using #GiveaBook is the easiest way to make a difference in someone’s life during the holidays.

For me, books make the best gifts; “But what do you really want?” is the usual response to me saying I want a book for my birthday or for Christmas. Seriously, I have an active list of books I want, and I would be happy to relay to you some of the titles.

So by now you’re probably wondering how much longer I can go on about books, and the answer to that is FOREVER. But I won’t, and I’ll end by saying go to Facebook and/or Twitter and use the hashtag #GiveaBook – and find more information about this campaign here.

Happy reading, and happy giving!

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