June Reading Preview | 2023

I’m taking a different approach this month with my reading, in the hopes that I actually finish something. No longer just relying on myself to pick up a book at random; it’s time for a committed routine.

Weekend Reading Journal

While I do have a stack of books on my immediate reading radar, I’m not going to “restrict” myself to specific titles. So while the actual books I will be reading this month is still to be determined, I have determined that I want to dedicate one blog post each weekend (Sunday afternoons/night) to talk about what I’ve read from Friday to Sunday. I’m hopeful that this will not only give me some reading time to look forward to, but blogging time as well.

How is your June reading going so far? Have you altered, abandoned, or adapted any of your reading habits this year? Leave any thoughts, recommendations, links to reviews, or anything else bookish in the comments below.

Happy reading!

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