Throwback Thursday: Instagram 2016

There’s Something About Instagram

Week two of my blogiversary month is nearly over, so it’s time for another Instagram throwback. You can read my 2015 reflection post from last week here, and continue reading below for a look at year 2016 on theressomethingabout_ 📚

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Throwback Thursday: Instagram 2015

There’s Something About Instagram

It’s time for a little bit of an Instagram throwback. I’m not sure this series (which will last throughout April in celebration of my blogiversary) will be interesting to anyone but myself, but maybe in the coming weeks I’ll indirectly talk about some lessons or techniques I’ve learned that could be useful to you. Or maybe not.

Anyway, here’s a look at the start of @theressomethingabout_ 📚

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There’s Something About Year Four

April 2019 marks the fourth year of theressomethingaboutkm. As expected, there have been ups and downs in both my blogging life and my life outside the confines of the internet. I’ve briefly reflected on some of these things below. 

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2018 Blogiversary

April: National Poetry Month, the Diamond Month, the showers of which bring flowers in May, and my WordPress blogiversary.

I specify WordPress blogiversary because I didn’t really take my blogging seriously until I made the switch to WP, in April of 2015 (read about the switch here). I have been blogging since about the summer of 2014, but some life changes in that same fall and winter had me reevaluate many things, least of all blogging. Since that April of 2015, I’ve narrowed my blog focus, activated my own domain, and have connected with many inspiring people here in the blogosphere. This past year, and especially in the last six months or so, I’ve really put all of my extra energy into blogging (and bookstagramming!), for reasons I’ll sort of get into below, and have felt quite proud of the things I’ve written and published. In case you hadn’t already figured it out, this is my one big reflection post for the year – I like to reserve this kind of post for my blogiversary because if I don’t, I would likely make every other blog post a reflection post, and I find that to be quite dull. This post will consist of things I’ve learned and experienced, as well as future goals and ideas I’m excited about. So here we go.

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Two Years of Blogging

Two years ago today I began this blogging adventure, although it feels more like ten. Much has changed, both on my blog and in my life, and I find it peculiar that on this day, this blogiversary, I am feeling unmotivated, sluggish, and unenthused. Much like my blog two years ago, I had so many ideas and such high hopes for the future, which are all quite dim now. I still feel quite shaky when it comes to my blog; it is still too piecemeal for me to be highly proud of it, and I know I’m not utilizing all of its capabilities and my resources – will I ever be more of a novice? And after realizing the grad program I had entered wasn’t at all what I wanted, it’s been difficult to sludge through the days, trying to stay positive and trying to repair my mind and my wounded pride.

Why am I talking about this? Well, if I’m measuring how long I’ve been blogging, it’s worth noting what happened between photo sessions and draft revisions, transferring content and building my own domain. You know, life.

These past couple of weekends have been wonderfully relaxing, but as I sit and think and dive back into my normal schedule, I become a little disheartened. Social media floods my mind, body, and soul when I’m at work, when I come home and relax, and that sucks. That’s not relaxing, that’s mindless, empty stimulation.

This post doesn’t really have a destination, a point. It just feels good to let the words flow out of my fingertips and form on this screen in no particular order and perhaps with a pitiful, annoying rant-like tone that contributes nothing. Maybe this should be a “what have I learned” or “highlights from the past two years” kind of post. I’m not usually one to underwhelmingly acknowledge an anniversary, but like I said earlier, I’m feeling unenthused. I am incredibly tired, so that could be a large factor. Or, I just need to read more and be more strict about writing everyday (and not just every other day) so I can feel fulfilled. That’s really all there is to blogging, and to life. Feeling and being fulfilled.

So for those who have followed my for the past two years, and for those who just followed me within the last couple of days, thank you! I apologize for the downer that is this blogiversary post, but I don’t apologize for the honesty or the relief I feel after getting this all out. I hope you’ll keep your eyes out for my new posts this week, in which I go On The Road and provide an update of my Summer Reading Challenge. Thank you for reading.