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NaNoWriMo 2022 | Week 3 Update

This past week flew by – I feel like I was just sitting down to write Week 2’s update, and now here we are at the end of Week 3.

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I am nearly 10,000 words behind where I should be to be on track to write 50,000 words by the end of November. Today was the first writing day all week where I felt some inspiration, and actually felt good when sitting down to write. No writer’s block in sight today!

My current word count is 22,768 words. I’ve surpassed the 20,000 word mark when I should have broken through the 30,000 word mark, but it is what it is. After Week 2 I had a hard time picking up that momentum I felt at the beginning of the month, but after writing 3,680 words just today, hopefully I can continue down a successful path during this last stretch of the challenge. 

That’s all for this update. Best wishes to all fellow participants as we get deeper into the challenge. Feel free to reach out here, on Twitter, or Instagram if you need a pep talk, to rant about your WIP, or just to say hi! 

NaNoWriMo Featured Photo

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