There’s Something About Bookish Gifts

‘Tis the season for wish lists and gift guides, although if you’re a book lover you likely have a timeless running list (or lists) of bookish merchandise, practical reading accessories, and/or items that make every reading or bookshelf organizing session more cozy.

Over the past few months, there has been a surge of bookish creators in my Instagram and Twitter feeds – no doubt because the algorithms have notice me liking and following bookish creators – and my bookish wish list has gotten longer and longer. Did anyone else find so much joy in flipping through those large toy catalogs every year as a child, regardless of whether or not you actually got anything you circled or marked? Well, I’ve carried that habit into my late twenties (fortunately Instagram is here to fill that catalog void), and I thought it would be fun to celebrate small, local, and/or generous creators in our midst by featuring a few items that I have bookmarked lately.

I also asked you, Twitter and Instagram followers, to recommend some shops and creators you admire, so thank you! I have included your recommendations below, too.

Bookmarks from Burnt Edge Studio

I have been obsessing over these bookmarks. The craft of wood-burning is fascinating in and of itself, but using that craft to create beautiful bookish imagery on a bookmark – my heart soars every time one of Burnt Edge Studio’s photos comes across my Instagram feed.

You can browse their bookmarks – as well as hand painted keychains, magnets, and notebooks – on Instagram and/or on the Burnt Edge Studio website.

Candles by From the Page

These candles have a spot on my bookish items wishlist next to Frostbeard Studio candles. What I like about From the Page candles is the simple labels and the size of the jars, as well as their literary and magical titles.

Browse scents, designs, and wax melts on the From the Page website and check out their Instagram page here.

Bookmark Tracker from BritishBookArt

BritishBookArt is an Etsy shop run by Abbie from britishbookreader. I love the Bookmark Tracker because it’s a bookmark that can be used to keep track of books you’ve read (or books you love, etc.) while keeping your place in a current read. It features outlines of books on a bookshelf (and other items that can be found on bookshelves) that can be filled in as you please.

Visit the Etsy shop and browse prints and other designs here.

Wood Book Holder from BookmarkBookHolder

If you think having pieces of wood put together in a simple shape for practical use is fun and exciting, you are not alone. While I would only place a select few of my books on top of the Wood Book Holder if I ever acquired one, it’s still one of those novelty personal library items that I think would be fun to have.

The best place to find the Wood Book Holder is on Etsy.

Book Sleeves from StoryTimeSleeve

If you are not new to book sleeves, you are probably aware that there are countless versions out there. What I like about StoryTimeSleeve’s editions is the variety of prints on the fabrics that, while different, still all have sort of a soft, timeless look to them.

This is currently my favorite print, but you can browse the available selection here. Don’t forget to take a look on Instagram, too.

Bookish Hooded Blanket from Emposia

Few things sounds cozier than a hooded blanket, and what better to adorn my reading nook (aka my entire apartment) with than a shelfie I can wrap around myself? In my dreams, anyway.

More Recommendations

Below are the shops that were recommended to me on Instagram. I’ve included the people who made the recommendations, as well as something from each shop that caught my eye while I was browsing.

@silverchildsbooks recommends [and is a rep for both] Fictional Boutique and Belles Book Sleeves. I really like the Read More Books tee from Fictional Boutique, and this textured book sleeve from Belles Book Sleeves.

@libraryofdreaming recommends The Clever Clove and Riddle’s Tea Shoppe. Honestly, the entire Book Nooks pin collection from The Clever Clove is AMAZING, and having spent maybe too much time browsing the tea varieties and admiring the packaging from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe, the Sleep Draught Looseleaf Tea is definitely at the top of my newly created tea wish list.

Do we share any of the same wish list items? What types of items are on your bookish wish list(s)? Share your thoughts, recommendations, and gift ideas in a comment below (and if you have written a bookish gifts/wish list blog post, feel free to link it in your comment!). 📚🎁


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