June 2019 Bookstagram Wrap-Up | There's Something About KM

Monthly Wrap-Up | June 2019

Halfway through the year – who else is panicking about the books you haven’t read yet? 😬 Fortunately – and I hope this is true for you too – the books I have read so far have been wonderful, including the few I read in June.

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May Bookstagram Wrap-Up | There's Something About KM

Monthly Wrap-Up | May 2019

Cue the “how is it already June?!” reactions. I’m not looking forward to another month going by in a flash, but I am looking forward to a much better reading month than the mess that was May. But seriously, where did this month go?

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20 Books of Summer | 2019


(the 2019 challenge has ended)

Summer reading has always felt like a special event to me. It definitely has a lot to do with getting out of school and having much more time to read what I wanted to – even if I happened to enjoy the books I read during the school year. The beginning of summer meant the start of my local library’s summer reading program, which was exceptional. Every year, young readers (it was geared towards school-aged kids) would write their name on a special paper “placard”, and during a library visit stickers symbolizing books read would be awarded by the librarians then placed on the placard by the reader. It was thrilling – both the feeling of accomplishment when looking at my stickers, and seeing how many books other kids had read (we were allowed to tape up our placard almost anywhere in the library).

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A [not so] Quick Word

Hello, reader. I debated posting a short message on Twitter and Instagram about the current state of my blog, but I’m pretty long-winded and since the message I want to get across is about my blog, why not post it on my blog as content? Yes, my ideas are revolutionary – so if you want more, like and subscribe!

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Monthly Wrap-Up | April 2019

Well this month sure was turbulent. I started April by ringing in a celebration of my blogiversary, looked back on some of my first Instagram posts, and kicked off the first giveaway here on There’s Something About KM. Then it all came crashing down.

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