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A [not so] Quick Word

Hello, reader. I debated posting a short message on Twitter and Instagram about the current state of my blog, but I’m pretty long-winded and since the message I want to get across is about my blog, why not post it on my blog as content? Yes, my ideas are revolutionary – so if you want more, like and subscribe!

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Book Cover | Hallow by Olga Gibbs

Blog Tour: Hallow

Welcome to day five of the Hallow Blog Tour! I’m excited to bring you my book review of the second installment of the Celestial Creatures Series by author Olga Gibbs. I will not be revealing any spoilers in my review.

Many thanks go to Fraser’s Fun House and Olga Gibbs for putting together this Tour and inviting me to participate alongside a number of great bloggers. You can find the complete Blog Tour schedule, as well as more information on the author, a link to a free download of Heavenward (book one), and where to get a copy of Hallow below.

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Monthly Wrap-Up | April 2019

Well this month sure was turbulent. I started April by ringing in a celebration of my blogiversary, looked back on some of my first Instagram posts, and kicked off the first giveaway here on There’s Something About KM. Then it all came crashing down.

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Reading Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales

Note: My blog is still under construction, and as such most of my posts do not have imagery. I am working on restoring the images, but it will take some time. I’m writing this not to discourage you from reading my posts, but to let you know I am aware of the issues. Thank you for reading! (learn more here)

When you hear or read the words “library book sale,” what is your reaction? If it’s one of awe and excitement mixed with jumping, grabbing all of the totes you own before grabbing your keys and getting in your car without having to ask where? – welcome. If it’s a more calm reaction – that’s acceptable. If it’s indifference – get in my car; your life is about to take a turn for the best.

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