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From My Bookshelf: Witches

For October, Halloween, Autumn, and any time of year, really, books about witches are such gems. I’m comfortable saying that the following three titles From My Bookshelf are examples of this, even though I’ve only read one of them.

Witches of East End
Melissa de la Cruz

I’ve talked about this book a few/many times on my blog and elsewhere since I read it for the first time back in August. I love Melissa de la Cruz’s writing, and the story maintains the perfect balance between drama, magic, contemporary elements, and historical allusions. It’s quite indulgent. So why haven’t I picked up/read the rest of the series yet? DON’T RUSH ME / I’m currently reading [almost] too many books / I have the paperback version of this book and I think I want the hardcover$ so I’m waiting.

Escape to Witch Mountain
Alexander Key

This is one of those books that has just always been part of my personal library – does anyone have books like that? You’re not sure when/how you acquired them (not that you can’t guess), you’ve either read them or not, and you just can’t bring yourself to unhaul them? Well, I’m pretty sure this copy of Escape to Witch Mountain belongs to my mom (hi mom), I’ve never read it, and I always glance at it when I’m reorganizing my bookshelves and think “hmm, I should read this soon,” then put it back on the shelf and it slips out of my mind for a few more months. Anyway, this is the movie cover; no, I haven’t seen the movie either.

Practical Magic
Alice Hoffman

Speaking of movies, I have seen the Practical Magic movie numerous times, but I’ve never read the book. I even selected and read The Rules of Magic in April [of this year] when Book of the Month offered it. I think my biggest reservation comes from what I’ve heard of the book: that it’s not as good as the movie. I really don’t want to be disappointed by it, but I also really want to read it. It’s a tough situation, I know. I will also say that the cover of this paperback – the colors and imagery – are so lovely (art by Matt Mahurin), so even though it’s still unread it sure looks nice on my shelves.

Have you read any of these books, and/or have them on your shelves? Share your thoughts below, and happy reading!


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