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From My Bookshelf: English, Carnation, Ring

November is typically the month in which I start looking back on the books I read throughout the year, and those I didn’t get to. For the past couple of years this has also meant looking at the books on my own bookshelves that still sit unread – and this year is no exception. So this month’s From My Bookshelf post features three books that fit this criteria, and one more thing they have in common: they were all written by Lauren Willig.

The English Wife

I received this book in my December 2017 Book of the Month box. Set in high society New York during the Gilded Age, the elements of murder, gossip, scandal, and mystery hinted at in the synopsis greatly appealed to me.

However, like I said in this wrap-up post back in March of 2018, the characters sort of fell flat for me. I asked for other readers’ opinions about whether or not I should just trudge along (the is it me or is it the book dilemma?), or put it down for a while. Although I mostly got the advice to DNF it, I was also recommended another Lauren Willig book (and series) to try instead.

The Secret History of the Pink Carnation

In the comments section of this book review, Miss Bates highly recommended the Pink Carnation series, and luckily I found the first installment on Book Outlet. Yes, it is still unread, but the dynamic and exciting pieces of the synopsis still have me in their grasp.

The Deception of the Emerald Ring

This is the third book in the Pink Carnation series, and it came up in that same search on Book Outlet – so I figured I would purchase it too. And yes, if I end up reading and loving The Secret History of the Pink Carnation I am going to have to try to find a copy of the sequel to read before this one, but I just couldn’t resist the cover design and uniformity it gives the small W section of my bookshelves. My book buying habits aren’t always/usually logical, okay?

Have you read any of these books yourself? Are you a fan of Lauren Willig, and/or did you have the same experience as I did reading The English Wife? Share your thoughts below, and thank you for stopping by to see some books From My Bookshelf.


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