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From My Bookshelf: Candide, Foreign, Oz

For this month’s From My Bookshelf post, I’ve selected three of the slimmest books in my personal library: CandideForeign Correspondent, and The Wizard of Oz.

Candide | Voltaire

I read Candide two years ago (wow, that long ago already?!) for my Summer Reading Challenge, and its lasting impression on me is not as impressive as my initial impression, apparently, because I cannot remember anything about it. This book will go on my re-read list; maybe I’ll go through it more slowly to absorb the story more deeply.

Foreign Correspondent | Joanna HowardBesides the various nuggets of exceptional prose, Foreign Correspondent wasn’t my favorite book to read (I read it in a college course). The narrator is a reporter, and I just didn’t enjoy the short bursts of reporting and scant reflection she had to offer. Here is a burst that I did enjoy:

“Some days I feel like I’m at war with things. They pile up, and there have been many occasions where I look around my life space and I am totally overwhelmed by the disarray of things. Then I lock up my things and go out and get some more things, with fresher surfaces, not yet in need of tending, and layer them on top of the extant disarray.”

I’m going to put this on my re-read list too. A lot has changed since I read this book (over at least four or five years…) so I think I owe it another chance.

The Wizard of Oz | L. Frank BaumThis cover is a favorite of mine. The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite stories, and I remember spending just as much time admiring this particular cover as I did reading the book and watching the movie. The black and white illustrations (Paul Granger) inside are just as whimsical and wonderful. And I might as well add this to my list of re-reads, since I haven’t read it in…I don’t know how long.

So I guess these books From My Bookshelf have another thing in common: I need/want to read them again! What are the skinniest books on your shelves? Have you read any of the ones on mine?

Share the titles in the comments below, and see you next month for more From My Bookshelf!


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