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From My Bookshelf: Non-Bookish Items

For the first From My Bookshelf post of 2021, I’m doing something I’ve never done before. Instead of featuring books, I’m shining the spotlight on some of the other items that take up physical and sentimental space on my bookshelves.

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Aside from books, coffee mugs are my favorite things to collect. I have my everyday coffee drinking mugs, seasonal mugs, mugs-that-are-more-like-soup-bowls, two mugs with sweaters, a handmade (not by me) clay mug, and so on, and some may live forever on my bookshelves while others get switched out (and cleaned) more regularly. The following fall into the “live forever on my bookshelves” category, but they aren’t the only ones. I just happened to display them together during my most recent bookshelf styling session, which made it easy to photograph them for this blog post. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about each of them.

This Print: A Bookstore mug is a favorite because of its simplicity, the ‘camping mug’ design, and because it reminds me of not just Print: A Bookstore, but of all the Portland (Maine) bookstores I adore.

The Powell’s mug reminds me of that very bookstore, west coast Portland, and also of a long-weekend trip (a couple of years ago) to visit one of my long-time best friends (who had moved out there). That was such a great trip, and I’ll hopefully be able to travel there again (this mug also reminds me of another bookstore I visited while I was in Portland, Oregon – Another Read Through).

And the glassware in the middle is not technically a mug, but a stein from my alma mater. Looking at this little treasure floods my mind with too many memories to mention. I have drunk from it (never coffee), though I like it more displayed among my bookshelves – especially near many of the books I read in/for college.

What non-bookish items have you made room for on your shelves?


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