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From My Bookshelf: Beautiful, Moonstone, Canterbury

Barnes & Noble Classics are some of my favorite books to purchase. Besides their uniformity, the artwork on the covers are always wonderful. The following are three B&N Classics that I’ve acquired most recently, and three books that are on my TBR list: The Beautiful and DamnedThe Moonstone, and The Canterbury Tales.

The Beautiful and Damned | F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Beautiful and Damned F. Scott Fitzgerald
introduction and notes by Pagan Harleman

Would the Jazz Age be as glittery without the writing of F. Scott Fitzgerald? Maybe, but thankfully we won’t ever have to find out. This edition has a timeline prefacing the story, as well as an introduction that will not bore you.

The Moonstone | Wilkie CollinsThe Moonstone Wilkie Collins
introduction and notes by Joy Connolly

Considered the first English detective novel, I learned about The Moonstone when I was writing a previous From My Bookshelf post. I’ve read very few mystery and/or detective novels, but I supposed this is one I can’t leave unread. 

The Canterbury Tales | Geoffrey ChaucerThe Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer
introduction and notes by Robert W. Hanning
translated by Peter Tuttle

Did I make it through AP English classes without reading Chaucer? Yes. Did I make it through an English degree without reading Chaucer? Yes (not by accident). But Chaucer is one of those authors I feel obligated to read so I will get through this behemoth.

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