Coughing Cold Motivation

Thank you, HALLS® cough drops, for providing those uplifting, motivational quotes on your wrappers. Phrases like: "Buckle down and push forth!" "Get back in the game." "Impress yourself today." When I'm feeling terrible and can't be active without activating severe cough senses and nose waterfalls (don't pretend to be grossed out), what I need, besides your candy … Continue reading Coughing Cold Motivation


CoverGirl, ChapStick®, Starbucks. Samsung, Bic, unknown brand of paper clip. A homemade coaster, an extra hair tie the latter most likely Goody, I'm unfamiliar with names of tile manufacturing companies (that's what the coaster is made out of). That's just a small sample of brands that cover my desk. More include Scotch®, Quartz, Dell and of … Continue reading Human